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I have a compelling desire to travel. I get it from my Dad.

Today he has been gone 10 long years.

It seems like today as the pain is there.

But because of him, I love movies and travel. His last trip was to Beijing and I am thanking my sister for posting those pics today. I am thanking him for my wanderlust that allows me to help many people.

Because of my travels, I have speaking engagements Friday and next Tuesday. I am driven to help others understand the world as I search to improve my own knowledge.



My Dad

My Dad

The handsome president of the LA Konclave of the Kappas. He inspires me to travel. Some of my earliest memories are looping my phycist Dad to the airport for his trips. He sent me to London to study and then went himself. He was bitten by wanderlust the rest of his life.

He went to Beijing, a dream trip his own father wanted.

In Africa, pondering its history and culture

Today we published an essay on my recent return trip to Dakar.

My goal was to really show a global view of Black History Month, not this one-month, I love the USA fest. When you travel, you realize the larger landscape. Nothing has educated me more than the semester my Father sent me to live in London, the trip to France with my mother about 15 years ago, all of my travels to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas – and the two trips I have made to Africa since December 2010.

Type A vs. Gotta Split

As an entertainment/film editor, I love the chance to see and experience new films. Today we published a piece on an aspiring Philadelphia screenwriter Jameel Saleem and his new film, Exit Strategy.

It’s about a Type A girl who can’t see that her guy has to split on her. It’s not a romantic comedy.

The film as a low budget of about $100,000, which reminded me of Spike Lee’s first film and his shoestring budget.

Check out Saleem’s story here: 

Fun First Friday in Filly (Philly)

Today I did an express video for work.

A quickie on going to the Design Zone at The Franklin Institute, the African American Children’s Book Fest and its 20th anniversary and three DVDs to celebrate Black History Month – Malcolm X, To Kill a Mockingbird’s 50th anniversary and the Oscar-nominated The Help.,AAAABNaNQnk~,w9yktOTDkR3rYcFpqLTpkH6urNiFn06H&bclid=0&bctid=1431769316001